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Dan Boone
87 Views · 1 month ago

In keeping with the idea of being "set apart", the question arises regarding our walk. Who are we? This week we'll look at that. We'll examine some basic ideas regarding the Messianic walk. Call it "foundation work". What are we based on? What do we believe? How do we demonstrate that?Lots of questions to look into this week.

Dan Boone
79 Views · 2 months ago

This week, we look at an overview of the Biblical Spring Feasts.
Did you know that there's much more to this topic than simply Passover? This season is a very powerful one Biblically and Prophetically. Let's unravel some calendar issues, look at some historical background, and dig in to the Word of God.

Dan Boone
69 Views · 3 months ago

Do you struggle with life's problems? Do you feel like this life is hopeless?
Did you know that the patriarchs sometimes felt the same way?
Our Heavenly Father wants us to live a life that is full. Yet it seems like the problems of "every day" can wear us down. Is there an answer?

Dan Boone
78 Views · 4 months ago

This week's Torah portion was about the garments of the High Priest. Our High Priest (Yeshua, a priest forever. after the order of Melech Tzeddik) wears the same garments. And not only is He our High Priest, He is also our Great Shepherd. What do shepherds do? They protect the flock.
This week's teaching is about what we need to be protected from.

Dan Boone
117 Views · 4 months ago

This week was our Midrash service and we discussed this week's Torah portion. Join in the conversation. Leave a comment.
Exodus 25:1 - 27:19
1 Kings 5:26 - 6:13
2 Corinthians 9:1 - 15
Matthew 5:33 - 37

Dan Boone
108 Views · 4 months ago

Moses is in the cloud receiving the rest of the Torah instruction. Is this the beginning of the "Oral Torah"? Where does the Oral Torah stand against the Written Word? That's something to look at. We'll also start digging into some of the instructions contained in this week's portion.
Moses descends from the cloud and gives the people the words of Adonai. Their answer? "What the LORD has said, we will do". How did that work out? How does it work out for us when we profess obedience?
Please join us as we dig into the word of Adonai.

Dan Boone
79 Views · 4 months ago

Pharoah sends out the children of Israel (along with the mixed multitude). Moses gets baptized. Miriam and the woman dance a song of victory. The miracle of the Red Sea crossing. There is so much to look at this week.
Please join us as we dig into the word of Adonai.

Dan Boone
67 Views · 5 months ago

Who was it that Moses spoke with in the bush that burned? Was it on fire? Is there something else going on here, and what lessons can we learn from this week's Torah portion? Come join us as we find out together.

Dan Boone
82 Views · 6 months ago

Identity, Grace, Forgiveness and God Math.The portion begins with the dramatic unveiling of Joseph's true identity and his reconciliation with his brothers. It then proceeds to tell the story of the migration of Jacob's family to Egypt and the rest of the famine years. This Torah portion begins to set the stage for the Egyptian captivity of the sons of Jacob.
Intro 00:00
Worship and Liturgy 09:01
Teaching 01:06:58
Prayer and Blessing 01:53:36

Dan Boone
90 Views · 6 months ago

In this week's Torah portion named "Vayischlach" (..and he sent..) we see the familiar story of Jacob's wrestling match as well as his reunion with his brother Esau, and the death of Rachel.
We're going to focus on Jacob's name change this week and how it mirrors our change through Yeshua. Do you know who you are in Messiah Yeshua? What you call yourself has a lot to do with how you walk in the blessings that are yours.
Come dig in with us this week.

Dan Boone
94 Views · 6 months ago

This week, we take a look at Galatians 4. A lot has been written about this letter of Paul and how it says we are "free" from keeping the Torah. Is that what it really says? Let's take another look at it.
Justification by Faith is the theme, so where does "the law" fit in?
We can't "Go Forth" if we don't have direction, can we?

Dan Boone
79 Views · 6 months ago

A special Hanukkah/Shabbat service focused on the prophetic and rich meaning of the Feast of Dedication. Is your temple in disarray? Have you allowed "things" to pollute your temple? Hard questions and hard answers.

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