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Camp Ephraim
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A Shofar is like an alarm clock.

It is literally a global awakening.

"Blow the shofar at the new Moon sound an alarm in Zion.
It is a statute for Israel, a rule of the God of Jacob."
see: Ps 81:3 & Joel 2:1

Send an email to
Subject: next to new Moon
And then:
Let's sound the alarm together...

Is there any better way to prepare for the coming of the King of Kings than doing it together with praise and worship?

Please sound the alarm together with us and invite your friends...
(on TheTorahNetwork, MeWe, Gab:
Let your own SHOFAR be heard in ZION on the NEW MOON ... via ZOOM

On YouTube:

A Shofar is like an alarm clock.
It is literally a global awakening.

Around the world men and women of faith are setting their alarm clocks
to not miss this awesome opportunity.
At the same time each one blows the shofar from their country and at the
same same time we sound the alarm together in Zion through Jitsi.

So why are we doing all this?
Simply because it says:

"Blow the Shofar at the new Moon sound an alarm in Zion.
It is a statute for Israel, a rule of the God of Jacob."
see: Ps 81:3 & Joel 2:1

How does it work?
It's very simple:

Send an email to
In the header you write: next to new Moon
And then all you have to write is:
Let's sound the alarm together...

In reply you get the time and the link for our next Jitsi meeting.
Once you got the link, all you gotta do is: set your alarm clock, grab
your Shofar and click on the link.

You can actually choose to switch off your camera, if you prefer.
That is because we are going to record the meeting and post it on social
media, to encourage others to join.

Right after blowing the Shofar, we cite the greatest commandment
together. First and Hebrew then in English, and we'll go straight into
worship with worship leaders from around the world for sometime
while at the same time the chat is open for prayer and praises.

Is there any better way to prepare for the coming of the King of Kings
than doing it together with praise and worship?

Please sound the alarm together with us and invite your friends...
(on TheTorahNetwork, MeWe, Gab:
Let your own SHOFAR be heard in ZION on the NEW MOON ... via ZOOM

Remember it's very simple:
write: next new moon and
let's sound the alarm together...

Music: Paul Wilbur

from youtube video:

Music: The Shelter and Eilat congregation songbook

Song: Ki Ko Ahav (John 3:16)
(song nr.70)

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⁣"In His Time" is a song written by David L. Martin in 2012. The original recording was done by himself with no help from other musicians. Little did he know the wonderful new life this song would take thanks to the help of team Aromem. We hope you are blessed!

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⁣"Be Thou My Vision" is one of the most well know hymns of all time and for good reason. It's Celtic melody is one of the most beautiful masterpieces of music. Because Aromem wishes for there to be peace and fellowship between the Native American peoples and all people around the world, we continue to symbolize that fellowship by joining native instruments with others to make a sweet offering of praise to the creator Yahuwah.

Find our music for free download on these platforms!

Official Artist Website:

Rhy Bezuidenhout
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⁣**I, Rhy, am not the originator of this video, but believe it is worth
further investigation and therefore share it here on Tube.***

More information:

Antonio Di Marco
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The only person who unites us and makes us brothers and sisters in one family is the Lord Jesus, the Messiah!

Today we declare this love, He loved us first when he gave Himself and died on the cross to forgive our sins and give us life through his death and resurrection. Jesus loves everyone and He wants everyone to have a life and a better life.

Through this project, we declare that true hope and peace are only in Christ Jesus - Hallelujah!

Hebrew: Keren Silver

Korean: Love Story / 사랑이야기

Russian: Tanya Kadin

Persian: Vahid Norouzi

Arabic: Nizar Francis

English: Eniola Abioye

Musical arrangements and production: Maroun Beem.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Maroun Beem at M.B. Studio, Haifa

Lyrics: John 3: 16 (Ki ko ahav)
Composer: Sasha Atlas

#john316 #hallelujah


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Our new song has dropped just in time for #Passover tonight! In this song we speak of the original Exodus from Egypt and also the Lamb of God who came to fulfill the prophetic promise of this feast.

Anne Elliott
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⁣Homeschooling Torah | In this month's Live Q&A Webinar, Anne Elliott
interviews Luke and Kayte Abaffy, producers of the Way Documentary, the
Christmas Question, and Luke’s new book, The Truth: Reformation 2.0.
They talk about the practical steps it takes to build a creative career,
with lots of advice for students (and their parents!) right now as they
prepare for their futures.

Please leave any further questions for them in the comments below! :-)
About Luke and Kayte Abaffy: Luke & Kayte Abaffy are the husband and
wife team behind The Way documentary, The Christmas Question
documentary (along with 119 Ministries) and now: The Truth: Reformation
2.0, a refreshing new apologetics book for Torah observant believers
that one reviewer called, “compelling and spiritually energizing!” Luke
is a journalist, videographer and writer by trade, and Kayte’s a writer,
producer, a former television actress and touring independent musician,
plus a Mama to their two young boys. Luke and Kayte are passionate
about making disciples. They want to help build up strong believers who
worship our Heavenly Father with a Christ-like spirit and in the full
truth of His word. You can visit them online at:

Learn more about Homeschooling Torah, a full K-12 curriculum that uses the Bible as the primary textbook, at:

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Psalm 3

Sarah Coller
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David Martin
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The clouds were low on this day. While those windmills are kinda useless for power they made for good video that day. ;)

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Rhy Bezuidenhout
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⁣Dance music for those young at heart.

"King of the Universe - B" is the second AI generated song created for TTN.

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⁣It's difficult to find a more moving song which speaks of God's people yearning for His coming. And of course when it comes to longing and deep emotions, the Native Flute is the ideal instrument to compliment the Harp in delivering a powerful worshipful experience.

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Our music is also available on most music streaming platforms including SoundCloud, BandCamp, Itunes, Apple, Spotify, etc.

We're releasing videos every week, Yah willing. So we hope you will give us a follow on Rumble and stay tuned for next weeks video!

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Praise the Son of Yahuwah

Camp Ephraim
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If you feel led to -
You are invited to join us!

Sept 6th - Sept 30th
start: Tel Dan
destination: Jerusalem
distance: ~160miles/~220km

WhatsApp: 00972 505-2-252-83
Our Website:

Abba willing and we’re alive:

we are going to walk from Dan to Jerusalem,
repenting from the sins of Jeroboam.

In Dan - where one of the two golden calves once stood we want to acknowledge
and confess our sins and the sins of our forefathers in sackcloth and ashes to express our mourning.
See Leviticus 26:40-42.

Then we will take of the sackcloth and ascend to Jerusalem rejoicing. See Jeremiah 31.
The plan is to start walking in Dan on September 6th 2020
and walk an average of 12 km each day (except Shabbat and Holy Days).

It is possible to join the group later on the way as we are walking.

All you should bring is:
Yourself, a Bible, a bottle of water and a set of dishes an cutlery.
We'll have camping equipment ready for you.
You won't even have to carry much. We will have our "Turtle"(campervan)
accompanying us carrying most of the stuff.

Arriving in Jerusalem Abba willing we will set up a Camp to dwell in "succot" for the whole week of Sukkot.

You can follow the walk on:

Nuge'i MeMoed


🔔Camp Ephraim📜Infos

💬Camp Ephraim open Chat

(Camp Ephraim JERUSALEM)

(Let your own SHOFAR be heard in ZION... via ZOOM)

James Block
Worship music inspired by scripture…
Youtube Channel:

Lourens van Rensburg
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Walk through the Scriptures with Rabbi Steve Berkson as he teaches about these emotional and critical subjects as you have never heard it taught before.

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Join us for Shabbat Services & Torah Study LIVE Streamed on our Main YouTube Channel every Shabbat at 1pm (EST) and every Tuesday for Torah Study Live Stream at 8pm (EST)

David Martin
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A cute calf.

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⁣Our first release as a band! We call ourselves "Aromem" which means "I will exalt" in Hebrew. This song "Ancient Trail" is a powerful reminder that those who follow Yeshua are never without tribe or home. We hope you enjoy the beautiful sounds of the Native American flute. We also used banjo, harmonica, and electric guitars to record this.

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David Martin
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Top rooster defends a hen from a young upstart rooster.

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