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Camp Ephraim
Camp Ephraim
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If you feel led to -
You are invited to join us!

Sept 6th - Sept 30th
start: Tel Dan
destination: Jerusalem
distance: ~160miles/~220km

WhatsApp: 00972 505-2-252-83
Our Website:

Abba willing and we’re alive:

we are going to walk from Dan to Jerusalem,
repenting from the sins of Jeroboam.

In Dan - where one of the two golden calves once stood we want to acknowledge
and confess our sins and the sins of our forefathers in sackcloth and ashes to express our mourning.
See Leviticus 26:40-42.

Then we will take of the sackcloth and ascend to Jerusalem rejoicing. See Jeremiah 31.
The plan is to start walking in Dan on September 6th 2020
and walk an average of 12 km each day (except Shabbat and Holy Days).

It is possible to join the group later on the way as we are walking.

All you should bring is:
Yourself, a Bible, a bottle of water and a set of dishes an cutlery.
We'll have camping equipment ready for you.
You won't even have to carry much. We will have our "Turtle"(campervan)
accompanying us carrying most of the stuff.

Arriving in Jerusalem Abba willing we will set up a Camp to dwell in "succot" for the whole week of Sukkot.

You can follow the walk on:

Nuge'i MeMoed


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