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Sarah Coller
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 Prophecy, Politics, Religion, Straight truth...<br />
The Sledgehammer Show<br />
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TOPIC: SH419 We need to go to the root<br />
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PROPHECY. We are living in a time like no other in history, but fortunately for us God wrote it down all in His prophecies what would happen next on the “SledgeHammer” show.<br />
Find out what prophecies came true this week…“ripped straight from the headlines” Verily I say unto you, the only way to rightly understand prophecy is…from a Messianic Hebrew roots perspective. For without the roots the tree is dead. <br />
Stayed tuned for the prophecy news headline show “The Remnant’s call…The Sledgehammer show” www.Thesledgehammershow.com <br />
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