D-Day Plus 80

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Chris Deweese
Chris Deweese

D-Day Plus 80: Israel's Example of Military Service compared and contrasted with the history of the United States.
There are many remarkable parallels between ancient Israel and the United States. Some of these are purposeful, such as the president having to be a natural born citizen. Some of these parallels are not coincidental at all. Those which are not coincidental show us the hand of God in the formation and use of our nation.
Israel had a basic founding on the commandments. Chief among those was the prohibition on going after other gods or learning the ways of the nations. They had a cycle of faithfulness and sinning that continued until the first century AD. Their fame and power was established at the Exodus, when Yahweh made know His power. They rode that established reputation until they were dispersed in AD70.
In the message D-Day Plus 80, I chronicle the peak of the power of the United States and how our present situation began with the same sin committed by Israel. After the conquering of Canaan, Israel apportioned the land and became a nation. Then "all the men did what was right in their own eyes" which began the slide to sin. They lacked unity and shunned their mission of representing God on earth as a faithful, lawful nation.
The United States, with our allies, landed in France on June 6, 1941 and fought our way to Berlin. We dispatched the evil Nazi government with enormous effort and focus. We also defeated Tojo's Japan, fighting tooth and nail in the Pacific. To defeat Japan, it took two nuclear weapons. They were an incredibly fierce nation. Then our men came home and started the same slide as Israel. We have since adopted a "do what's right in your own eyes" mentality. We have exchanged what made us great, unity and a common morality, with division and focusing on self.
This is just a sample of the message, where I chronicle some great parallels between ancient Israel and the United States. 80 years away from D-Day, we are a very different nation. But we do retain some of the virtues and values of our forefathers.
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