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⁣Homeschooling Torah | Natural Expectations | In this first video, Anne introduces her new series on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. She gives three important things you need to keep in mind if you're starting to doubt your abilities to be a good mom!

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⁣Welcome to Hebrew School! Today we learned how to make the sounds of the first consonants in the Hebrew alephbeit:
א בּ ב ג ד

We also learned some new vowel sounds:
אִ אִי

We encourage you to make your own set of flashcards, or you can purchase a set at Foundations Press:

Get helpful charts and downloads from Lydia Lu Languages:

And get Lydia's book on the Hebrew Alephbeit at Foundations Press:

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⁣Welcome to Hebrew School! Today we learned about open and closed syllables, plus we learned the letters שׁ and בּ and ת, and the vowels אָ and אַ.

Here are some resources mentioned:

Parallel Plus Bible-Study App:
- for your browser:
- for Android:
- for iOS:

Blue Letter Bible:

A Reader's Hebrew Bible (Zondervan):

Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew (affiliate link):

The First Hebrew Primer (affiliate link):

I Can Read Hebrew:

Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader:

Basics of Biblical Hebrew (affiliate link):

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