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Iain McClain_Wilhelm Melket Näher
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I sang this song with a wonderful bunch of youth at a youth Bible School this last fall. This is a personal arrangement and was arranged to tell a story of how a believer's life is like. Originally written by the man Mennonites are named after, Menno Simmons, The tune is much newer. I do not own the copyright but want to share it to encourage others. One note: it is missing the Bass as my prominent Bass singer dropped out without notice.

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One thing above all else should be doing. What are we seeking?

Anne Elliott
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⁣Homeschooling Torah | Today we’re going to discuss how to stop feeling overwhelmed. You can find a list of all the verses mentioned by visiting our website at https://homeschoolingtorah.com..../how-to-stop-feeling

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⁣Daniel Joseph from Corner Fringe Ministries reminds us of where our cares should be.

David Martin
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Some old video I had of some ADORABLE baby chicks.

Off topic, but I'm also a worship leader for a new band called Aromem! Come check out our music!


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