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Lourens van Rensburg
10 Views · 2 years ago

International conspiracy, global domination, lies, deception, extortion - sounds like a James Bond movie, doesn't it? Actually, it's in the pages of the Scriptures as they refer to the End of Days that could be quickly upon us all.

No one can or will be excluded from the events that have been prophesied to happen. A world leader is coming who will draw everyone to him so that, if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. He is infamously known as "The Anti-Christ (or Anti-Messiah)."

Rabbi Steve Berkson lays out very clearly in this teaching the how, what, and why to being able to recognize this one who will be the most evil person of all time and, just like a James Bond movie, there is a twist at the end.

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David Martin
11 Views · 2 years ago

⁣If you know the Name of the Heavenly Father, then you are truly blessed. But you also have massive responsibility. Everything you do and say will reflect upon the God you serve. Here's 4 ways to help you when sharing the Name of God with others.

David Martin
10 Views · 2 years ago

God has a name used well over 6000 times in Scripture. Here's a few reasons why you should care about it.

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