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A call to the Commitment of Yeshu`'s One Body

36 Views· 27 October 2023
Garth Grenache
Garth Grenache

This message is for all people to hear, even if you think you know that you are a true believer in Yeshua. On the one hand you should always be making your calling and election sure, never assuming that your position is safe. On the other hand, if you are not confirming your commitment with all others you find to be having the commitment, how can we be united, knowing each other and knowing that you welcome us to call you to account? You need to inform us. Send your response to thatbeliever@outlook.com and let's get confirming you and us in the Commitment of Yeshua's Body.

Learn more here: https://docs.google.com/docume....nt/d/1cq-JB-QzDkHUVm

The Way of the Master has been Usurped by Imposters

There is a Way of the Master Yeshu` -a faith once for all delivered to the saints-
a Commitment, a Partnership, an Agreement, a Yoke, a Concord, an Allegiance,
a Fellowship of Yeshu`’s Pupils, His People, His Body
-a Commitment that existed during His life with mortal flesh, and which exists today
in the hearts of His humble, true followers,
and is expressed in their accountable interaction with each other
and in their enforcing of the received minimum standards of purity among themselves.

Since early times outsiders have added names to this people of Yeshu`.
The Yehudaye called them “Nazoraye” and the Hellenes called them ”Christianous”.
People lacking the Commitment have appropriated these names to themselves,
and added many other names of their own design,
as each person sets himself up as a teacher of a faith he crafts to his own liking,
whilst claiming to be true to Yeshu`, claiming to be of His Body, presuming that it is so.

On the one hand, with a loud voice they speak much truth about Yeshu`, ‘Yeshua’, ‘Jesus’,
telling multitudes that they must submit to the true King that Father Yah has appointed.
On the other hand, they themselves enter not in,
but by their divisiveness and their immorality and their lack of accountability,
they are keeping themselves outside and are imposters.

Yet there is hope for these imposters and their hearers, IF THEY REPENT,
turning from the sins and fabrications of their minds and hands
to embrace and hold fast the Commitment of Yeshu`’s One Body.

May Yah Almighty complete your repentance in you, friend,
stirring you -with us- to humbly ‘make [our] calling and election sure’
and may we confirm ourselves in the Commitment of Yeshu`s One Body.

Are you decided to be answering Yeshu`'s brothers and confirming yourself in the Commitment of His Body as long as you live?

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