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BGMCTV MESSIANIC LESSON 942 There will be justice<br />
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SYNOPSIS: I was in my devotional this week in the prophet Yesha’yahu (Isa). This topic came into my spirit this week from that devotional. YEHOVAH states HE loves justice. We are living in some very difficult times. One thing I know we can count on, is that YEHOVAH ELOHIM does not change. In Yesha’yahu 61:8 "For I, YEHOVAH, love justice;”. We are going to study this topic today to see how it affects the world, countries, families and individuals. <br />
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HASHABBAT LESSON: 800 BOMBS MAY NOT BE ENOUGH. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 61:1-8 For I, YEHOVAH, love justice. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 65:1-7 I spread out my hands all day long to a rebellious people. Psalm 89:5-14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. Mattiyahu (Mat)23:23 you have neglected the weightier matters of the Torah—justice, mercy, trust. Romans 12:16-21 Never seek revenge. Mikhah (Micah) 6:1-8 what YEHOVAH demands of you—no more than to act justly. Galatians 6:2-8 no one makes a fool of God! <br />
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