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BGMCTV MESSIANIC LESSON 946 The first two pillars<br />
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SYNOPSIS: In today’s lesson we are going to study trust and the first two pillars found in Scripture. What is so important about trusting the word of GOD? One of the things satan has been doing is breaking the bonds of trust between the children and their parents. The way to destroy a nation is to destroy the biblical family. You destroy it by divorce or by changing the definition of what a family is. Example a child comes from a broken home and joins a gang. Now that gang becomes the child’s “family”, and takes on its characteristics. Once this goal has been achieved you trick the child into trusting someone other than their parents. You than destroy the pillars of anything pertaining to GOD with your own god’s. Once this goal has been met you replace the programing with new AI. Today we are going to study trust and the first two pillars of Scripture. <br />
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HASHABBAT LESSON: WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF THE BIBLICAL FAMILY. Yochanan (Joh) 14:1-14 Trust. Yochanan (Joh) 3:1-7 you must be born again from above! 1 Kefa (1 Pet) 1:14-22 what does it mean to be born again…become holy. B’resheet (Gen) 2:1-25 the first two pillars of our faith. Mal'akhi (Mal) 1:6-8 we think there is nothing wrong with offering a blind animal as a sacrifice.<br />
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