He Who Holds Almighty Power - (Powerful Spiritual Warfare)

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"He Who Holds Almighty Power" is a song recounting the victories of the God of Israel across thousands of years. From the engulfing of the army of Pharaoh in the sea, to the cry of heaven in Revelation "Fallen in Babel!".


The arrows fly by night, ten thousand may fall at my side
No more ground I give to Yah's foesThe sword may freeze in my hand, yet I will not surrender this land
No more ground I give to Yah's foes

He who holds almighty power sits enthroned on high
and now the nations see HisAwesome might as he draws His sword.
Let the righteous prepare for war!

Mighty men of old, their strength was Yours alone
You raise fearsome warriors from the weak
Behold heavens champion comes! Yahuwah is a God of War!
Behold His reign has come forever more!

The horse and rider are thrown into the seaPharaoh and his army are drowned in the deep (3x)

A sword for Yahuwah and a sword for GideonA sword for Yahuwah and a sword for Gideon (2x)

Shaul has slain his thousands, Daveed his tens of thousands
Shaul has slain his thousands and Daveed his tens of thousands (2x)

Worthy is the Lamb, to receive all praise
Worthy is the Lamb, the Lamb that was slain

Fallen is Babel! (4x)Fallen is Babel, fallen is Babel!Fallen is Babel!

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