Leaving Egypt with Joe Aymond

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Jay Carper
Jay Carper

⁣Joe Aymond grew up in Port Barre, LA where his dad began teaching and exposing him to music at a very young age. In 1996, Joe joined together with 4 friends and formed a worship band. With the invaluable support and direction of their youth pastor, Chris Burney, Xtreme Faith traveled from Louisiana to Florida for the next 3 1/2 years leading worship for youth ministries, camps, and retreats. During this time, Joe felt the unmistakable call to ministry.

In 2000, Joe moved to DeRidder, Louisiana, where he traveled, singing and leading worship for Evangelist Kelly Hendren. In 2001, Joe became the Student Pastor at Grace in DeRidder. During his 14 years at Grace, Joe has preached, taught, and led worship all across the country.

In mid-2006, the Father began speaking to Joe and disturbing his peace. Joe began digging and studying everything he could to find out what the Father was teaching, where He was guiding him, and what direction he was to take. Joe and his little family studied and observed Torah personally for several years until the Father called them to step out from their church staff position in 2015. After taking time to seek the Father on what to do next, Out of Ashes Ministries was born. OAM continues to grow, being a bridge for those whom the Father is awakening, and providing a safe and healthy place to come together to learn and grow in The Way of Messiah Yeshua, the Torah.

Joe currently resides in Rosepine, LA with his beautiful wife Heather and four children: Gabriella, Genevieve, Josiah, and Asher.

You can read more about Joe and Out of Ashes Ministries at https://www.outofashesministries.org/.

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