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Facts Lies Mistakes & Pride

49 Views· 26 May 2024
Chris Deweese
Chris Deweese

Facts Lies Mistakes & Pride: The last message in the series Learn Real Christianity from Scratch! available here https://firstcenturychristianity.net/from-scratch/
Learning topics of substance, especially something foreign or new, requires working through biases and pre-conceived notions. We are also required to be disciplined, patient, and methodical. I explain how to do this in this installment of the message. I also explain the incredible gravity of why we need to apply these virtues to arrive at the truth.
Discipline is key. Society has great systems for arriving at truth and facts. From childhood, most of us were taught the Scientific Method. This is a recipe for challenging hypotheses until they pass enough tests to become Scientific Law. This method requires patience, discipline, and objectivity. The same virtues are required when we take up matters of law. Our judicial system is set up very similar to that of the Torah. Two or more witnesses are required to establish facts in the Bible, specifically facts about sin and law.
In business, society has systems of standards like the International Standards Organization and the Six Sigma method of improvement. These systems, and their equivalents, are established similar to the Scientific Method. They drive us to challenge norms and constantly improve through methods established to unearth truth.
Two big examples of how disregarding societal standards come from two instances. One is ancient and biblical. The other is recent and societal. The recent departure was the maniacal usage of hand sanitizer during COVID. Those who work in labs are trained, drilled even, to know how to respond to airborne pathogens. Hand sanitizer has no effect. Yet ALL of society's leaders in science disregarded their training at the drop of an emotional hat.
The second centers around the mission of these messaged: Christ and Him Crucified. When the people had the Messiah executed, they emotionally disregard a foundation of the Torah. This foundation was part of their core identity: the law of two or more witnesses. They threw all they knew to be true out the window and had an innocent man executed, even shouting they had no king but Caesar. That sentence rejected YHVH as their true King and Yeshua as their Prince. This message, in video above and print at https://firstcenturychristiani....ty.net/facts-lies-mi shows you how to avoid being like these two groups of bad actors

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