Learn Real Christianity from Scratch

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Chris Deweese
Chris Deweese

Learn Real Christianity from Scratch. This is the first message in a series to help people with little to no education about Christianity or the bible get started. Historically, Christianity is taught by comparing the doctrines of denominations. The reality of the 21st century is that half of the population has no foundation in a church setting at all. This is a great place to be because new believers can learn real Christianity without having to sift through the last 1900 years of bad doctrine!
In this message, I explain why Christianity matters at all. This is not a hobby, an academic exercise, or a money making opportunity. Oh, no. Christianity matters because we want to attain eternal life. The only religion that offers this is real Christianity. The key to eternal life is to know Jesus Christ and Him crucified. This is what the Apostle Paul focused on in his evangelistic work throughout the western world in the first century.
To attain eternal life, we must know Jesus Christ. Jesus, whom I call by His Hebrew Name Yeshua, is not just a man who showed up in the first century with a bunch of new teachings. He is the ultimate Messiah and Son of God. He was explained and prophesied about throughout the Old Testament, and this is where most of His teachings originate. The Old Testament was the only bible they had in the first century. It was also only available to the general population in synagogues.
This message, available above in video and below in print, explains how to begin to learn real Christianity. This is not hard if you choose the right bible and understand what you are reading. I explain some very basic information that will help you on your path to understand who Jesus is, why He came, and how to attain eternal life.
This message is available in pdf at https://firstcenturychristiani....ty.net/learn-real-ch

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