Weighing the Evidence

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Chris Deweese
Chris Deweese

Weighing the Evidence: avoiding key pitfalls. The second message in the series about learning real Christianity from scratch.

This message begins with a recap of the first message titled Learn Real Christianity from Scratch. If you haven't started with that one, I highly recommend it. It's available here https://firstcenturychristiani....ty.net/learn-real-ch Key information is to begin your studies with the NASB95 version of the bible. This translation is literal, readable, and remarkably true to the original texts while removing as much doctrine as humanly possible. You can read about this translation at this link https://www.blueletterbible.or....g/bibles/preface-to-

Learning when the books of the bible were written, by whom, and what else was going on in the world at the time gives you great insight. This context helps us to learn the scriptures the way they were intended to be read. We should also avoid reading the chapters and verses. This is remarkably important because those were added over 1000 years after the New Testament authors died. The people who added the chapters and verses are just as removed from the first century Christian or Judean culture as we are today. Weighing the evidence of scripture requires us to consume scripture within the culture it was written (as much as possible).

Weighing the Evidence

A key pitfall to avoid is falling into the trap of creeds. Christianity today is a system of memorized doctrines. The folks who do this don't even realize it because it's taught from the moment a person begins to talk. Those of us raised in mainstream Christianity are taught it's biblical. But the way we learn this is to memorize a doctrine with proof texts rather than reading the scriptures and arriving at conclusions. These messages about learning real Christianity from scratch are intended to teach people who have never been indoctrinated how to avoid that trap. Frankly, if the doctrine is true, you'll get there soon enough!

Understand this path we are on is a long path. It's a journey. You are not saved by doctrine and you are not in a rush. Imagine if you could have another lifetime with your earthly father. Would you rush through it like you did the first time, making immature mistakes, or would you slow down and savor your time with him? Obviously it's the latter. Being born again is our chance to learn about our heavenly Father. We need to come at this like children, but children who know we have a new lease on life. Take your time on this journey and weigh the evidence along the way.

This message is available in print at https://firstcenturychristiani....ty.net/weighing-the-

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