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How did Jesus pronounce his own name? Evidence from 1st Century Inscriptions

15 Views· 20 December 2023
Rhy Bezuidenhout
Rhy Bezuidenhout
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*** This is not my video, but I believe it is worth watching as he covers some interesting points in this short video. ***

Every language today has their own way of saying the name ‘Jesus’—English speakers say Jesus, Spanish speakers say /xeˈsus/, German speakers say /ˈjeːzʊs/, French speakers say /ʒe.zy/, Chinese speakers say 耶穌 yēsū, Korean speakers say 예수 [je̞sʰu], and Arabic speakers say يسوع [jasuːʕ]. But how was it pronounced in the first century? Or, in other words, how did Jesus pronounce his own name?Many different websites out there have all sorts of reconstructions of how Jesus’s name should be pronounced or how Jesus’s name was pronounced in ancient times. But let’s look together at the first-century evidence to find out how it really was pronounced.For the full blog post on this topic (with references), see https://biblicalhebrew.com/how....-did-jesus-pronounce FREE video lessons in Biblical Hebrew and related languages, visit https://www.BiblicalHebrew.com.To follow us on Facebook, go to: https://www.facebook.com/bibhebrew.To follow us on Twitter, go to: https://www.twitter.com/bibhebrew.

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Aromem 2 months ago

Great Video! Thanks for posting!

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