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Bamidbar | In The Desert (Official Video)[SUBTITLES] @SOLU Israel

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Antonio Di Marco
Antonio Di Marco
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"A voice cries: โ€œIn the wilderness prepare the way of the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God"

Yeshua our Messiah is coming soon! God is raising up voices in the desert all across the earth that will call and prepare His way๐Ÿ™Œ
Join us as we raise our voice in worship, out of the Judean Desert in Israel, His name will be praised in Hebrew, in any language until His glory is revealed upon all flesh!

HUGE thank you to Sergio and Rhoda who gave so much into this project of their time, energy, heart and even their home so we can have this fruit all in order to glorify God! They are an inspiration to all of us in SOLU ISRAEL.
Also, big-big thank you to @Yuval Arts for letting us use their studio!
Yuval Arts helps to raise more worshippers in Israel, check them out:

This video was birthed by @SOLU Israel which I (Shilo) am so privileged to be a part of. Want to learn more about SOLU? visit us at: http://soluisrael.org/

Video Production:
Aspiring Productions (Michael Hilsden)
@Sergio & Rhoda in Israel (Sergio & Rhoda Voitenko) - #FPV drones & #CGI

Mixing & Mastering: Jordan Schultz
Music Producer: Shilo Ben Hod
Arrangement: Shilo Ben Hod & Levi Davis
Lead Vocals: Shilo Ben Hod, Rebekah Wagner, Levi Davis
Addi. Vocals: Sarah Ben Hod, John Mark & Sandra Davis, and many others..
Lyra, Tar, Oud, Tar: @Yaron Cherniak
Drums & Percussion Programming: Nethaniel Buehler & Shilo Ben Hod
Guitars: David Niskin
Bass: Vadym Sokolyk
Keys & Synths: Shilo Ben Hod
Shofar: Robert Shofar So Great

#cinematic #musicvideo

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